I’m guessing


 Just As I Can’t Imagine Life As A Singleton, I’m Guessing You Can’t Imagine Life As A Multiple.
 It Is My Goal That By Sharing Anyone Reading Will See That We Are People And Are Not Insane.
I Have Decided To Do This And Although Some In The System Won’t Contribute, I’m Sure Some Will. I Will Leave A Note For The Others Here Who May Be Interested In Writing.
I’m Alex. I Live In A 28 Year Old Body, Although I Am Actually 31. I Am One In A Multiple System. I Am Newer To Life And The World, Mostly An Unfeeling Person, And I Love To Write And To Read.
 Each Day I Am Here I Gain More Knowledge. I Understand I Must Live With The Others In The BerriezAnd Share The Body And Time. I Don’t Have To Like It, I Just Have To Live With It. I Don’t Understand Years, Months, Days, Or Any Of That. I Am Working On Reading A Clock And Telling Time.
 I Will Think About How To Talk About My/Our Experiences Of Time In A Way That Will Help Anyone Reading To Understand.
When I Came ‘Into Being’ Born If You Will, I Possesed Already A Great Deal Of Knowledge. There Is So Much I Don’t Know, Mostly About The World, And Small Things. Examples Would BeTelling Time, Working A Microwave. I Still Don’t Know The Bodies Given Name, Nor Where It Was Born, I Know The Age It Is, But Not The Year It Was Born. I Can Count Dollars But Not Change.
When I’m Not Here, I Am Inside In Our World And Have No Idea What Is Going On Out Here.
We Are A Larger System. I Have To Talk To Some Higher Ups In Charge Of Safety Before I Say More About The System, To Avoid Angering Anyone In Here And Thus Creating A Safety Alert, And Getting The System Locked Down.
Although Some Of Us Have Similarities We Are Also Different, To Varying Degrees. With Varying Viewpoints, Likes/Dislikes, Memories, And Emotions.
That Is All.


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