It’s Light


I Get To Be Here Early. It Is In Fact Still Light Out.  This Is A Rare Occurence.  I Have Had A Chance Already To Take A Walk And Ate.
 I Was Surprised To See So Many Other Entries Already From Other Berri Members. 
Although I Haven’t Yet I Do Look Forward To Reading What They Wrote.
 I’m Planning To Write A Piece About What I Recall About My Birth. I Don’t Think Many Berriez Recall There Birth. I Do I Was Told Because It Was Not During A Traumatic Abusive Event.
 I Figured Out How To Play Music On The Computer. It Is Very Interesting. Some Of It I Like. Some Of Hurts My Ears.   Some Is Just Silly (The Childrens Music)
 I Will Have A Chance To Watch A Movie Tonight. I’m Thinking Saw. 
I’m Also Reading Along Came A Spider.
 Edited To Add: Saw Was Really Stupid.


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