I’m  JakNoOnE  


Jak Noone-That’s Me
I’m JakNoOnE.  Sierra shared a picture that is similar to what she looks like. I don’t feel comfortable doing the same.  I don’t look anything like the body inside.  I hate having to wear this body suit to be out in this world (that is how we view the physical body).  My hair is black, my eyes are dark,  I am tall and thin.
I am 16.   I’m a female although my nickname is Jak. The nickname is from a muppet movie.   My true name is NoOnE.   I’m not sure how I got that name, perhaps because I was the quiet one, the one who was always grounded in her room, and took the punishment for much.  The mother saw me as NoOnE.
 I won’t speak much of the mother, it is a subject too painful for me.   Here is what I am willing to say:  She is the reason I was ‘born’, the reason I exist. I am the Berrie who was yelled at, ignored for weeks at a time, yada yada yada. 
I was a front person in the body for a time while the body was growing up. I went inside for a time when the body reached 15.   I was 15 for a long time, but unexplicable  a year back or so (realize all references to time frames are guesstimates) I aged to 16.  I am the current front person although I have been on hiatus since around thanksgiving of last year.
 I am quiet and reserved. Speaking to people in person is all but impossible for me,  the exception is the bodies husband, whom I worked long and hard to be able to speak to.   I am a burner, with OCD  and perfectionist issues. Other Berriez would say I have eating issues, I don’t agree.  I love to exercise and journal.   I recently gave up ciggarretes, we all who smoke did.    I don’t think I am very capable, and have a poor self-image, actually I think I am worthless and good for nothing.   I spend most of my time inside in a special flower field that I find calming and soothing.  I have attempted suicide in the past(A story for another time)  I have a habit of sharing things and then deleting them, which  I hope to not do that here.  I love grungy, gothicy types of music.  Things like JackOffJill, MyRuin and NIN.  I also love  american football. 
 Perhaps I should mention this as well.  Although I live in a heterosexual body, and yes the body has a husband. I am the lone (so far as we know) Berri who is a lesbian.  (Another  story for a different  time)    Throws many people for a loop.  The husband knows however as do most of the Berrie members.


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