The Physical Body


 I Don’t Have A Body That I Can Do As I Please With. I Am Stuck With Sharing This One That Looks Nothing Like Me As I Look Inside.  I Hate It Often. I Hate It That Way. It Isn’t Fair. I Didn’t Ask To Be Created. I Didn’t Ask To Be Here, So Why Should I Suffer Having To Share Time, And All The Other Hassles That Come From Being In A Multiple System?  
There Are Always Other Souls Checking Over What I Do. Telling Me I Shouldn’t Have Said Or Wrote That.    It Isn’t Fair. I Don’t Have Independence. I Don’t Think I Ever Will.
 We See The Body As A Suit,  That We Step Into To Be Out Here.  I Want To Be Out Here As Myself Without This Suit.  
That Picture Is What I Look Like Inside, Hair Color And Dark Eye Wise. I Don’t Carry Around Torches.
Some Think It Is The Bodies Fault, That The Body Is At Fault For Us Being Multiple.
 I Don’t Know What Is At Fault, The Bad Things Happened Way Before I Came Into Existing.


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