What Am I?


Parts, Alters, Inners, Others, People, Souls,
When I First Came Into Being And Was Told I Was Part Of A Multiple System, I Didn’t Really Understand What It Meant. I Decided To Do Some Research. I Learned How To Use The Computer And One Evening Typed MPD, And Then DID into google.com. Woah My GoodnessWhat Interesting And Different Results I Got.
 Some Of Sites Said Nothing More Than It Is A Ploy For Attention, Or Invented By Therapists Wanting To Make Money.
The Sites I Did Find Information On, The Information Was Bothersome To Me For Many Reasons, One Of Which I Will Now Discuss . I Saw The Word Part, Or Alter All Over The Place. It Was Difficult To See Anything But Those Words.
 I Can’t Speak For Every Multiple In The World. I Can Only Speak For This One And All Berriez Agree On This (One Of The Few Things We All Agree On) We Aren’t Parts. The Word Part, Implies Less Than. It Implies I Am Less Than A Human, A Car Has Parts, A Tv Has Parts. I Am Not A Part. Hell Even A Body Has Parts. I Am Not However A Walking Leg, Or Just An Arm. I Am Me. I May Be Part Of A Multiple System, But I Am A Complete Person. That’s Right A Person.
Let’s Take The Other Popular Word Alter. Alter Is Short For Alternate. As In Alternate Personality. I Am Not An Alternate Personality. I Am A Person. Yes There Are Many Persons Sharing This Body. I Get That. To Say I Am An Alternate Is Again Degrading Me By Implying I Am Less Than. It Is Like Saying I Am Less Than The One Born In This Body. I Am Not Less Than Anyone. I Am Me.
 Some Web Sites By Multiples Use The Word Inners. Although This Word Is Much Better Than Both Part, And Alter, I Am Not An Inner. The Word Inner Implies Inside. I Am Not Inside Right Now. I Am Outside In The Outside World. It Is My Opinion That The Word Inner Was Invented By An Orignal Born, Who Didn’t Want To Refer To Her Souls As People.
The Word Others Is A Word That Some Of Those Souls Here Use. It Is A Word That We ‘Others’ Don’t Like. It Is Often Spoken As If We Are Again Less Than Or Scarey. When Someone Here Says Others, What We See Them As Meaning Is “You Who Are Not Equal To Me”. As If Calling Me A Person, Or A Soul, Or By Name Makes Me Real.
Saying I Am A Person That Is Ok. That Is Acknowledging I Am A Person. It Doesn’t Imply I Am Less Than Or Flawed. Person Is Definatly A Word I Can Live With.
 That Brings Me To Our Choice Of Word: Souls. Now Some Multiples Not In Our System Object To This Word, For A Variety Of Reasons (To Each His/Her Own) Those In The Berriez Like This Word. A Soul According To Webster Definition 7 Is A Person. To Me Soul Acknowledges Me As Me. It Acknowledges I Am Seperate And Whole. It Isn’t Degrading.
We Also Sometimes Use The Word Members. It Isn’t A Derogatory Word, And I Use It Though I Still Prefer Souls.



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