When many people think of multiple I think they mostly think of Sybil, Eve, or The When Rabbit Howls book.   I think it important to realize that every multiple is different. Just as every human is different.  The following is our experiences.  And a bit about Sybils experiences.  
It is important to remember that when it comes to Souls that are created, what is created is soley what is unconsciously (for the most part)  percieved as necessary to survive.   What I mean is that for the most part creating Souls is not something that is thought of and decided in advance. 
Sybil had 2 males, Sid, and Mike.    They thought that when they aged they would be male, a line from the book I recall  when Dr. Wilbur asked how their male parts would get there, said ‘we’ll push them out’.  
We have  males as well.  Our body is female.  J  is an adult and is um an angry (to say the least). He represents the abusers. He often says things like they did, and generally speaking scared/terrifies most of the system.   Even his voice is quite similar to this abuser..  He is an internal representation of at least one abuser.   There is one male child I am not allowed to speak of here.   There are also 3 other males that come to mind after pondering it a bit.  One is a teen, and is an internal only. What that means is that he never comes out into the world. He is our builder, he builds things inside in our landscape/world.   The other 2, the  Max’s are both  kids.  A few years seem to separate them.  One holds memory and teeth pain of an event of falling off the monkey bars and breaking the teeth, which as punishment he was  made to wait some number of days before seeing a dentist. OlderMax still feels that pain, and anger over that.  (all that information was relaying by our husband).   YoungerMax I don’t know anything about, if the husband does he either hasn’t said or I have forgotten.
They seem to think that they will be men some day. To date Nathan has put off that conversation.   They both think of the others in the system as their sisters and the older Max protects them, and exhibits strong desires to protect his sisters from ‘anyone who will upset them or make them cry’.  
They do boy type things, they climb trees inside. They have trucks and stuff out here. The hubby plays catch with them, and does other boy things.  
That brings me to animals.  
  We have animals too.    I won’t go into the types of animals at this time because the animals are protectors and don’t wish that information to be talked about.  There are a wide variety however.    They exist to protect. They act like an animal of their type would.    They mostly stick to protecting one child, or 2 children each.   They send thoughts to the head of those they speak too, but speak mostly to the child or children they protect.
 It is worth mentioning, that according to the DID literature (which has good things and bad things to say)  some animals when you look underneath them are actually children.   This has not come up for us, and I believe our animals to date are animals.
The large majority of us are female. Most of us are heterosexual or interested in neither gender.  There is one we know of who is either bisexual or lesbian.  


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