Why Is It That A topic Such As Religon Gets Everyone So Up In Arms And Upset? Why Is It Some People Are So Very Untolerant Of The Beliefs Of Others That They Publicly Say Ridiculous Things That Defy Logic?
 My Knowledge Banks Tell Me The Country Was Founded For Religous Freedom, Freedom We Weren’t Permitted In England. And Now It Seems That Our Very Government Is Trying To Inject Religon Into Public Policy. That Is Wrong. Also According To My Knowledge Banks, There Is Supposed To Be Separation Of Church And State. This Is Stated In Either The Constitution Or The Bill Of Rights. Have Politians And Many In Society Forgotten That Very Fact? Can They Not Put Down Their Bibles Long Enough To Read The Constitution Or Bill Of Rights?
Why Is It That Religons Are So Untolerant Of Those Not Like Themselves? Surely If There Is A God And He Wanted All Man To Be The Same He Would Have Made Everyone The Same.
I’m Not A Religious Person. I Truly Don’t Believe In That. I’m Not So Ignorant However To Say To The World, Nathan Or Other Berriez For That MatterThat They Must Hold The Same Beliefs I Do. To Do So Would Be Unbelievably Rude And Callous, And Downright Unfair Of Me. It Would Be Saying I Am Better Than They And Therefore Everyone Must Believe As I Do.
I Believe God To Be Something Many People Need To Believe In For The World And Their Lives To Be Ok, And Make Some Sense To Them. They Can’t Accept Bad Shit Happens, But They Can Say ‘God Has A Reason’ For Them They Find That Thought Comforting. I Find That Thought Ridiculous And Asinine. (In Case Anyone Wonders)
They Say God Created The World, And All This Other Stuff, I Say Where Is The Proof? What Is God? People Say We Can’t Conceive Of God Because Of The Limits Of Human Thought. And Yet They Believe He Is There. I Don’t Buy It. There Is No Proof Enough To Make A True Disbeliever Believe Nor Is There Adequate Proof To Make A Believer Disbelieve.
I Find The Idea Of Religon Strange. Yes I Admitt I Have A Very Limited Understanding Of Religon. So Many People And Such Strong Believes And Yet They Don’t Find IT Wrong To Persecute And Kill Others For Not Believing What They Do. Throughout History The War Of Faith And Religon Vs. Religon Plays Out Again And Again. If There Was A God, Is Fighting And Killing Each Other (As We Are All Humans)What He Really Wants?
Why Is It That So Many Faiths Say There Is Only One Correct Religon And Not Only Is Their Religon The Correct One, But Everyone Else Who Believes Anything Else Is Doomed To Hell Or Whatever. If God Were To Exist Is It Really What Religon You Are That He Cares About? Is A Murderer Who Is The Correct Religon Going To Heaven, While A Man Who Helped Fellow Man, Treated All He Knew Well And Lived A Good Decent Life Going To Hell Because He Wasn’t The Correct Religon?
If There Is A God Is It Not Possible That He Put The Idea Of Different Religons In The Minds Of Different People Because Not All People Think Alike. (What A Boring World It Would Be To All Think And Be Alike)
Why Does There Have To Be A God? Because Nothing Makes Sense Without One? Because That Is What Some Parent Or School Taught? What Happened Free Thinking? What Happened To Forming One’s Own Opinions After Learning And Studying A Variety Of Religions? Why Is It Something You Blindly Believe Without Really Understanding.
Yet I Get The Thought That When Heidi (The One Who Loves To Discuss Religons All Of Them) Says Things Like That, People Are Quick To Dismiss Those Thoughts As Just Not Possible Though They Have No Proof It Isn’t Possible.
Why Does Belief In Some Religons Equal Looking Down On So Many Others? Are They Really So Arogant To Think They Are Better Than The Rest Of Us? What Does That Make Them? Close To God? Acting In God’s Name? Did God Ask People To Act In His Name? If He Is AllKnowing And All Powerful Does He Really Need Some Lowely Human To Act And Speak For Him? Doesn’t Make Sense To Me. I Don’t Buy It.
I Believe God And The Bible And Other Religous Texts are Books That Were Written By Ancient People To Make Sense Of Nature, To Give Them A Sense Of Control Over Their Lives And Destiny, When In Reality We Are All At Risk For The Fury Of Mother Nature. Saying That A Terrorist Act And That A Hurricane Befell A Certain Area Of The Country Because Of A Woman Who Is Gay, Or Because Of Any Other Supposed Violation Of The Bible Gives Some People Some Strange Sense Of Control OF The World Around Them, Especially When They Blame It On People Who Act Totally Unlike Themselves For Then They Believe They Are Safe.
To Take The Bible Word For Word Or As Fact Is As Ridiculous As taking What Hitler Wrote As Fact, Or As What Anne Rice Or Stephen King Wrote As Fact. Perhaps Some Day Far In The Future, People Will Believe Some Anne Rice Book Is To Be Interpretted Literally And Accepted As Fact, And The Basis For A Religon, Or A James Patterson, Or Stephen King Novel. Just Because Some People Accept The Bible As Fact Doesn’t Mean It Is, Just As Me Saying It Isn’t Based On Fact Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t.
The Truth Is Nobody Knows. Do We Find Out When We Die? Perhaps, We’ll All Just Have To Wait And See.
I Think Concentrating On Religon To The Exclusion Of Life, To Forget About The Things That Are Equally If Not More Important, To Persecute And Condemn People Publicly For Their Lifestyle Or Beliefs Is Wrong, And Way Off Base. I Also Think If There IS A God, He Wouldn’t Aprove.
 I’ve Not Read The Bible. I Don’t Pretend I Have. But I Find It Hard To Believe It Condones The Ways Many Religious People Act. Seems More Like People Pick And Choose What To Take As Fact. The Bible Is Interpreted Every Day And Each Person Who Interprets It, Including Those Who Wrote It, Put There Own Spin On It, Based On Their Own Lifes, History, And Personal Beliefs. 5 People May Read The Same Exact Of Any Book And Get 5 Different Things From That Book, And Interpret The Same Book In 5 Different Ways, Because Of How It Is Interpreted.
Take My Words For What You May, That’s What I Think And I’m Sticking To It.


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