Where to begin? Just where is the beginning?


I find myself struggling with where to begin in telling about my discovery at being part of a multiple experience.
 Should I begin with experiences that looking back were signs? 
Should I begin with the first things that made me feel something was wrong with me?
 Should I begin with my feelings about being multiple?
 The experience of time slipping and dissapearing? The expereinces of hearing internal voices not mine?
 The experience of the body moving without me moving it?
 The experience of having to wait to get information about the childhood.
 I don’t know when I came to be.   I know approximately when my own memories began.  The memories of before I came to be, I have to wait to be given to me. 
Should I begin with realizing more and more the life I thought I lived,  the childhood I thought I had, didn’t exist? It was all a lie.
 So much and I just don’t know where to start.
 I’m fearful too, fearful at writing and reading and strange things being written.  I don’t control the hands typing.  I think , they type what I think, only sometimes they just write other things. I’m fearful of what I may learn in attempting to write about how I came to know I was a multiple, and how hubby came to know. 
If only I could decide where to start. Or do I just start and see what comes out? Start in a computer journal entry and then cut and paste it when it feel right?  
How do I tell a story that has no real linear begin or end?  When time is just a collection of moments, strung together, how do I put that in an order anyone can understand or make sense of.


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