What does "Not being anything" mean?


The Phrase Not Being Anything To Me Means Not Existing. It Means Not Being Part Of Anything. Going Back To Whereever I Was Before I Was A Berri Is Not Being Anything. Being A Berri, Being A Guardian Gives Me A Great Deal Of Satisfaction. It Fills Me With Pride And  Makes Me Feel Like I Am Something, Gives Me Meaning. 

Not Having A Purpose, Also To Me Is Very Similar In Meaning To Not Being Anything. To Have No Purpose Is To Float Around, With No Anything.

As Long As I Have Form, A Vessel To Use Out Here (Outside Body) , And A Body Of My Own Inside, I Am Something. Loosing The Ability To Fill The Vessel And/Or The Use Of My Body Inside, Would Make Me Feel Like I Was Not Anything.

I Wonder If Those In The World Who Aren’t Something, Or Percieve They Aren’t Something, Are Suicidal? Do They Struggle To Live Feeling They Aren’t Anything?

Is Not Being Anything A Matter Of Just Breathing? As Long As People Breathe Are They Something? Is It More Complex Than That?

Are All Humans Something? Are All Living Things Something? Are Rocks Living? They Are Something.

When I Sit Here And Contemplate That Phrase, ‘Not Being Anything’ What Repeatedly Comes To Mind Is Quite Simple. If The Body Goes Back To One Soul, Then I Am Nothing. If The Body Goes Back To One Soul I Would No Long Be Anything. I Would Loose The Ability To Think, To Have Time, To Exist, To Be Me.



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