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 Select Prompt Replies-Alex
I Found This While Looking Over Past Entries In Our Prompt Replies Journal Section.
 Select Replies To Bunch Of Prompts From Alex.
 .. I am the one who…  Is Here When Nobody Else Wants To Be. I Am Guardian.
 e.. When I check inside, I find …  To Much To Write About Here, I’d Be Up All Night
 g.. I believe in …  Myself
 k.. What are you still learning? Most Everything
 n.. What sets you apart from the crowd? Oh Where To Start
 v.. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?  I Didn’t When I Came To Existence. Now I Know My Age. I Am 31.  Why? Because It Feels Right And Sits Right With Me.
 y.. When in your life do you feel that you were most yourself?  Every Moment Of Every Day
 z.. If you consider your life to be like a yo-yo, what do you do with/about the knots that inevitably show up in the string?  Whatever Is Necessary
 b.. What are the last tears you cried? The true paradises are the ones we lost. I Don’t
 n.. Did you speak out and tell the truth? Always
 o.. This is where I am now… Here
 a.. How do you measure time? Horribly. I Don’t. I Have Little Concept Of It, If Any At All. I Could Rattle Of 60 Seconds In A Minute, Etcetera, But It Means Nothing To Me. 
 n.. Last night, I… Read And Journaled
 b.. I would call my autobiography … Reflections Of Lives Lived.
 o.. “Everyone wants to understand painting, why is there no attempt to understand the song of birds?” (Picasso) People Take Them For Granted
 a.. List all the things you just don’t want to think about. Why Then I’d Be Thinking About Them. Seriously I Can’t Thinks I’m Not Surpposed To Think About Aren’t In My Head, Or Knowledge Banks.
 k.. I gladly make the sacrifice of fear. What would we do if we weren’t afraid? What are we afraid of? What is fear? I Don’t Have Fear As I Don’t Have Sadness. This Means I Don’t Have Happiness Or Joy Either.  I’ve Learned If You Don’t Have The Bad Feelings You Can’t Have The Good Ones.
 l.. Hell is… The Childhood They Lived Through
 d.. How is your life impacting others? By Sharing And Refusing To Live In Silence.
 h.. Who are you when you’re all alone? What masks do you wear with others? I Wear No Masks
 k.. What prevents me from feeling close to others. Lack Of Emotions
 i.. What does the smallest part of you want to do? I Don’t Know But I’d Like To Know.
 r.. What did you dream about last night? Being In Water Knee Deep Looking For Animals With A Cameraman (Think Nature Program) I Look Down And Some Strange Bug Is Crawling Under The Skin, I Pull It Out And Notice A Black Thing Crawling In The Right Elbow, I Turn And Walk To A Person Farther Along In The Water, I Say Look At This, And He Says It’s A ___ Snake (I Can’t Recall What Type Of Snake) At That Point I Woke Up.


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