Random Thoughts


Random Thoughts

 Got Out Here Early And Watched Along Came A Spider. While It Was A Good Moive, It Differed A Good Deal From The Book. I Thought The Character Alex Cross Was Played Well, As Was The Other Main Character Jezzie Flanagan. I Didn’t Like The Fact That The Movie Didn’t Have Nana Mama, Cross’s 2 Kids, Or His Detective Friend Sampson.
 I Really Enjoyed Those Parts Of Book And Thought Removing Them From The Movie Version Was A Bad Decision.
I Also Didn’t Like How They Took Out How The Book Opened With Cross Being Pulled From A Murder Investigation In A Poor Black Neighborhood To Go To The Kidnapping.
 Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Did Enjoy The Movie. I Just Liked The Book Better.
 As I Become More Interested In Writing Stories, I Notice More And More How I Lack Knowledge Of Language, And The Parts Of It.
I Feel Silly Checking Out A Book At The Library On Sentence Structure, And Whatnot. It Occurs To Me That Perhaps The Internet Is A Good Place To Check Out. I Wonder What I Would Use As A Search Term?
 It Occurs To Me At This Moment That n Once Said That I Construct Sentences Wierd, Putting Words In A Strange Order. That Is Exactly The Thing I Am Wanting To Remedy. I Think Doing So Could Aid A Great Deal In Writing Stories.
 Sure Some Writings I Just Do For Myself, But I Do Want Other People To Be Able To Read And Understand What I Write.
 Berriez Who Are Out Every Day Have Been Taking Breaks. It Is Allowing Others In The System To Spend More Time Out, It Also For Me At Least Draws My Attention To Just How Much Those Who Are Out So Much Do.
 The New Front Person Was Out A Bit Today. It Takes A Bit To Get Used To Being Out Here For More Than A Short Time At Once. She Doesn’t Like Her Name So She Was Looking For A New One, n Said, I’ll Be Curious To What She Chooses. I Liked My Name. I Didn’t Pick It, I Was ‘Born’ With It. (Note Subject Of Names And How They Come To Be Would Make A Good Future Subject To Write About)
 I Wonder If There Are Things Anyone Who Reads This Would Like To See As Future Subjects I/We Write About?


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