Myths and Truths-Part one


Myths and Truths: part one
I’ve decided to start by talking about some things I have heard and or read about multiples. Many of the things I hear or read, including things online and that well respected doctors say just isn’t true. I invite anyone who has heard a myth that I haven’t mentioned to write to me and share it as well as comment.
Before I begin I’d like to define some terms that I use.
I- As used here I refers only to myself, Sierra.
We- All the Souls in the system
System- All of the souls that share one body. Our System name is The Patch.
Soul- The term we use for alter, inner, persona, or part that inhabit the body. (see previous entry on this subject)
co-consciousness- The experience of being present and semi-aware when another Soul is front.
Integrate- The process of going from many Souls in one body to one Soul.
Loosing Time- The experience of one moment being in a spot doing something and the next moment being somewhere else, wearing something else, or some amount of time has passed (minutes, hours, days, months, even years) ( Loosing time is to be the subject of a future entry)
Host- Person born in the body.
Front- Person out most often. In Systems with a host still interacting in the world, the host and front person would be the same.
Incest- inappropriate touching and sexual acts done to a child by a member of the child’s family.
Myth: All multiple experience life as Sybil, Eve, or Trudi Chase did or do.
Reality: This is simply untrue. It is just as silly to believe all multiple expereince anything the same as it is to believe all singletons (nonmultiples) experience life the same. It is true that some people have some similarities to Sybil, Eve, or Trudi Chase, but those are just books, and yes i’m sure some of the facts were changed (i’m not saying their stories aren’t true) for publishing purposes. Speaking of the system I live in (which is all I can do with anything I write) we have some similarities to Sybil as well as Similarities to Trudi Chase. We also have differences. Developing multiplicity is not a conscious decision, therefore what is needed for survival is how the system is developed.
Myth: All multiples loose time.
It is true that in this system we loose time. That said, not all multiples loose time in the sense that one moment they are somewhere and the next moment they are somewhere completely different. For some multiples they are co-conscious. This means that when another Soul comes forward they are still watching, they are just watching from far away, however and are unable to influence what is going on. I have sometimes heard it described as watching a movie or a tv show. For many multiples whether they loose time completely or are co-conscious, time often slips away. What you think is just minutes passing is really hours.
Myth: All Multiples are crazy and often killers
Some multiples may be crazy, they may even be killers. That does not mean that all multiples are crazy or killers. The fact is that Souls are born or come into being to protect the body. Often a multlple may seem crazy because of the inablity to distinguish between past and present. For example: a multiple may when experiencing a flashback believe that a significant other is an abuser. That is a hallucination and doesn’t make anyone multiple or not crazy.
It is just as silly to say all mutliples are crazy or killers as it is to say all white people, men, women or whomever are killers.

Myth: All multiples find strange objects in their house and loose things
It is not uncommon to loose things or find strange objects, all multiples don’t have this experience however. Many mutliples live by lists and expend a lot of energy trying to appear normal, and to keep track of belongings.
Myth: All multiples are unable to hold jobs or work and be active members of society
Some multples are unalbe to hold jobs for a variety of reasons. Many multiples work either full or part time. There are multiples who are teachers, doctors, lawyers, contruction workers, and any other field you can think of. Multiples can exist in just about any profession out there as well as own their own business. Multiple who don’t work in a paying job are often times active in volunteer work.
Myth: If you hear voices you are multiple.
Some multiples hear voices. Hearing voices can mean hearing voices not your own coming from inside the head. Hearing voices can mean hearing loud thoughts that aren’t your own thoughts, and don’t go away.
Schizophrenics also hear voices. There is a big distiction. Multiple more often than not experience the voices as coming from either inside the head, or something being whispered in their ear, Schizophrenics most often hear voices that are coming from outside the head, places like the radio, the tv, the air conditioning vent.
Schizophrenics are not necessarily multiple, although many multiples have in the past been misdiagnosed as Schizophrenic.
*broke part one into two parts, for easier reading.* Part two is already up to read.

Truly, Sierra


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