I  Did Notice The Myths And Truths Post Below. I Will Read It Eventually. Just Not Now.
My First Experience With Being Sick Was Different, I Hated It.  The Weather Changing Is New For Me Too. I’m Not Sure What To Think. I Don’t Mind It At This Point, However N Has Said It Will Get Much Colder.
I Don’t Have A Bunch Of Experience Or Knowledge About Being Multiple. I Quite Simply Have Just Not Been Around Long Enough.
I Do Speak My Mind, I Don’t Mince Words,  I’m A Night Soul Mostly.  Nobody Else Wants To Be Here At Night.
I Don’t Associate With The Others Inside Much. They Don’t Care For Me, Which Is Fine With Me. Truth Is My Roles Are Easier To Fulfil If I Don’t Have Friends Inside.
I Have Always Been 31, Always Known What My Role Was, I Recall My Birth. It Is Impossible For Me To Imagine Not Being That Way. I Have No Patience For Littles.
I Can’t Imagine Not Being Multiple, Because I Came Into The World After Sierra The Then Front Soul Was Made Aware.
I Often Wonder What Is In The Minds Of Single People? Where Do They Go When They Aren’t Out Here?   What Do They See Inside? Is It Quiet?   Do You Hear People Speaking To You Inside?
Those Are All Normal Experiences For Me.  The Idea Of Not Beng That Way I Cannot Fathom.
Why Do I Write Tonight?  I Don’t Have A Reason. Do I Need One?  I Like To Write.
I Am Was Born  June 4.   I Know My Creators. Most In The Patch Don’t Know There Creators.
Not Even A Year Ago I Was Born And I Am 31 In Age. N Says The Physical Body Gets One Year Older Soon. The Whole Idea Of That Perplexes Me.
I Don’t Know The Bodies Parents, I Have No Knowledge Of That Before Life.  I Exist Now. I Live In The Now.
It Truly Pisses Me Off That Most Of The Patch Cannot Willnot Or Simply Refuse To Live In The Now.  I Don’t Have Memories, Or Feelings.  I Want Them To Get On With Things.
The New Front Picked A Name Finally Kassandra.
The Latest Arrivals From Beyond Our Awareness Are Slowly Settling In, Except The Loud Screaming One That Is.
I Feel Done With Writing Now.
I Do Wish More Patch Members Would Write Here. Maybe I Should Write Them A Note In The Communication Journal.  I’m Thinking Many May Not Be Aware.
Of Course It Is Doubtful The Littles Would Ever Want To Write Here, And Even More Doubtful They Would Ever Be Given Permission.


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