Appologizing another perspective


*You All Get To See How We Argue And Discuss Amongst Ourselves. We Fight Quite  A Bit And Agree On Little. We Have A Journal For Communicating. Should Be Renamed The Bitching Journal, Would You Agree With Me On That Sierra?*

‘I am always feeling the need and appologizing for things other souls say or do.’
I Would Never Do Anything That Would Make It So You Couldn’t Write At That Journal Group.  I Happen To Enjoy Reading And Writing There.   You Didn’t Need To Appologize For Me However And I Wish You Hadn’t.
I Will Leave The Subject Alone Save To Say This: I Stick By My Comments. She Did Assume. She Didn’t Ask If I Had Tried To Google It. I Didn’t Know Gnome Would Give Different Results To Gnomes.  Adding An ‘s’ To A Word In My Knowledge Banks Means Plural.    And I Did Look Up Gnome And Then Later Thanksgiving.
She Could Have Said Did You Try Googling It? Or Gave Me A Website.  Writing Two Words Google It Gave Me The Impression She Thinks I’m Too Dumb To Do Anything, And/Or Beneath Her,  Which I Don’t Appreciate For I Am Neither Of Those Things.
Honestly Debating With You Or Her About The Subject Isn’t On My Priority List. My Time Is Too Precious.  I Didn’t Appreciate The Reply That I Would Have Known If She Was Rude, And I Needed To Whatever,  Chill Out Or Something.   She Doesn’t Know Me, I’m Sure You Do Realize, Sierra I Was Very Much Civilized And Quite Restrained.
The Person Who Said Something Like You Can’t Control What We All Say And Do Is Very Right.
This Is Not Worth Your Time And Worry.
I Won’t Reply To That Post Of Hers, I Watched You Delete It And Then Send Her 2 Appologies.
I Do Ask You To Not Appologize For Me.  For I’m Not Sorry I Said What I Did.   I Meant It Or I Wouldn’t Have Said It.
As You Are Aware I Have Stood Up To Mychelle And The Idea You Appoligized Bothers Me, So Please Don’t Do It Again.
I Think We All Do Things That Embarrass Each Other.
I Edited This To Add: While Copying The Necessary Posts To My Journal To Write About It, I Noticed An Appolgy From You Stating If You Had Your Way I Wouldn’t Write There At All.  That Was Rude Of You.  I Don’t Write At Your Forum Place.   Like It Or Not We Have To ‘Live’ Together.   Have You Forgot I Pissed Of Mychelle Whom You Hate?   That I Stood Up To Her?    Guess It’s A Good Thing It Isn’t Up To You, For Me Anyways.
Hate Me If You Want I Don’t Care. I Don’t Care What You Or Anyone Thinks Of Me. I Will Continue To Write There However.  Deal With It.


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