A bit from Jak Noone


I have been not been out in months.
I offically gave up my role of front person. I don’t feel bothered or anything it was my wish.
I just got back from seeing Storm, the member of the system who removes feelings and memories that anyone cannot handle.
I was on the SI wagon for about a year.
Until a few months ago that is.  I fell off the wagon several times in the months span.
I am sorry fellow Berriez I do the best I can, I know that often isn’t good enough
I am hoping to try to climb on that wagon again.
I have been clean and sober for close to a year now.  It has not been easy. Not at all.
Someday I hope to be able to give up the NoOnE part of my name.
I will rejoice that day.
I have been out several hours now and am tired. So I head inside. To rest, to nap in my field of flowers.
Jak NoOnE


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