I Don’t Know Much At All About The Bodies Past.  In Fact I Know Almost Nothing. I Came Into Existence On June 4 Of This Year. 

I Recall My Birth.  That Is Where My Memory Begins.  I Was Born With What I Refer To As A Knowledge Bank. I Think Of It Like A Big Room That Has Words, And A Variety Of Other Things Stored In It.  When Someone Says Something, It Often Takes A Brief Moment For Me To Be Able To Check My Files.
 I Was Born Knowing What My Job/Role In The System Is.   What My Jobs Are.  I Have A Variety Of Them.
 Many In The System Have Knowledge And Memories Of What I Call There Lives Before.   I Know Bad Things Happened, I Know The Name Of One Person Who Did Things.    I Don’t Know Details. I Don’t Have Memories Myself.
 I Don’t Have Triggers Either. Triggers In The Patch Are Those Seemingly Innocent Things That Give A Strong Reaction.    I Know What Some Of The Other Souls Triggers Are. I Often Find Myself Out Here When Someone Has Been Triggered.
 I Definatly Hold Some Anger.   That Is The Only Feeling I Have.  I Feel The Bodies Pain But Don’t Feel Overly Connected To Or Bothered By It.
 I Lack Life Experience.   This Will Be My First Autumn, And Holiday Season. I Just Experience The First Celebration Of What They Call Bodyday. 
This Is The Life I Know. I Can’t Imagine Being The Only Person Inside. I Don’t Understand Because Where Does A Singleton Go When They Aren’t Here?  What Do They Have Inside There Head?   Do They Still Hear Comments In There Head, But The Comments Are In The One Voice?  I Can’t Imagine Feeling A Range Of Feelings Or Doing Everything For Yourself.
 Strange How What One Considers Normal Depends On The Experiences Of Said Person.
All That I Wrote Probably Sounds Quite Strange To Some, I Get That Because There Are Things About Singletons That I Find Strange. 
I Don’t Like To Feel Floaty, Or To Feel Like The Head Is Going To Float Out The Door.    Waking Up And Being In A Different Room, Is Bizarre. It Is Normal For Me, However. It Is My Life Experience.
 I Have A Unique Experience In The System, Because I Have Always Known I Was Multiple.
 For The Most Part, Although Admittedly Curious, I Don’t Need To Know The History Of The Souls In The Body. I Have Seen How Upset They Get.  Why Would I Want That? I Couldn’t Do My Jobs IF I Had That Shit.
 I Have The Ok To Share My Roles In The System.  I Am The One Who Sleeps In The Body, Holder Of Anger To A Small Degree (My Anger In No Way Comes Close To The Anger Other Angries Have.  I Am Guardian.
I Hate Having To Clear What I Say About The System First. I Understand To A Degree, But I Still Am Bothered By It.  I Would Never Put The Body Or System In Danger, That Is Why It Bothers Me, Those In Charge Don’t Seem To Believe I Would Never Put The Body Or System In Danger.  (Even Though It Is Literally In My Job Description.


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