Book-part of a personal journal entry


 Book, Part Of Personal Journal Entry

I Haven’t Been Writing Much At All Lately. A Bit Here A Tad There. I Mentioned It To _______,  She Said That It Isn’t Uncommon To Go Through Times When Words Won’t Come, Or Just Can’t Be Shaken Loose From The Head.
That Is I Suppose What My Problem Has Been, Both Those Things. The Words Haven’t Been Coming And Those That Do I Can’t Seem To Get Down.
 I Have To Admitt, My Urge To Read Lately Has Been Quite Strong. I Do That Most Of The Time I Am Out Here. I Watch Roseanne, And Simpsons. Other Than That I Read. I’ve Read 4 Of The 12 Books I Borrowed From The Library.
I Just Finished One Tonight. It Was Quite Good. I’ll Be Looking Sometime To See If There Are Any Others Of The Authors I Can Get My Hands On.
 Paradise City, Lorenzo Carcaterra- This Was An Excellent Book. Fast Paced, Well Written. A Crime/ Suspence Book. It Is About A Detective Who Lived His Early Years In New York City. His Father Is Killed And He Moves With His Mother And Sister To Naples. He Fights A Crime Family, A Branch Of The Mob, The Camorista. The Kidnapping Of His Neice Forces Him To Return To New York For The Biggest Battle Of His Life, Where He Forced To Have A Partner. The Book Had A Good Ending, And A Few Surpises. Would Read Again, And Recommend.
 I Don’t Think I Wrote About The Birthday Of The Body. Nathan Took Many Shopping. I Was Asked TO Come Out At This Book Store. They Had A Clearance Section Where Books Were A Dollar For Paperbacks And 2-3$ For Hardbacks.
 I Got 3 James Patterson, Including The Lack House And Two Alex Crosses. I Also Got A Few John Sauls, Some Patricia Cornwell, And Something Fantasy Type I Can’t Recall.
They Still Bring Home Books They Bought At The Library, Space On The BooksShelf Is Quite Hard To Come By.
I’ll Pick A New Book Out To Read Later.
The Suicidals Have Calmed Down Somewhat. I Finally Spoke To Eaglewings About It, And She Gave Them Some Calming Stuff. I Also Took A Nap Inside. My First Inside Sleeping Experience. Much Easier To Sleep Inside, And I Didn’t Wake Up Once. Even Though It Was The Ground It Was Quite Comfortable.
 Nathan Had Seemed Shocked When I Told Him I Never Sleep Inside. My Nap Was Short But Very Refreshing.


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