Amusing prompt replies


 Amusing Prompt Replies-Alex
I’m Amusing Myself By Answering Some Prompts.   Chances Are The Only People Who Will Laugh Are Other Berriez.
 If an ATM could be custom created for you, what would it spew out instead of money?
 Did That. It Spews Out Souls.  Anyone Know Where The Plug Is For An ATM?
 This is what was left behind…….
 A Boat Load Of Souls.
 “How do you keep making the lights go on and off?
 Fuck Do I Wish I Knew.  Happens With The Tv, And Computer As Well.  You Mean I’m Supposed To Need A Switch To Turn The Lights Off?
 “How many homes have you had?
 Good Fucking Question.  
Surviving twilight…….
 By Switching Into A Bunch Of Souls, Then Creating Some New Ones, Followed By Hiding In The Nearest Tiny Ass Space.
What day would you like to relive, over and over?
 Well Fuck I Always Live The Same Day Over.   You Mean You Don’t?
 List 10 things you do when you procrastinate
 I’ll Get To This One Later, I’m Too Busy To Answer, I Can’t Be Bothered Right Now,  I Don’t Feel Like It, I Think I’ll Have A Snack, The Dog Needs Walked, Wow That’s My Favorite Movie On Tv, Yawn Nap Time, The Cat Is Blocking The Screen, I Think I’ll Read Instead

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