Bits Of A Journal Entry


Saturday, November 26, 2005
I Haven’t Been Writing Much At All Lately. I Haven’t Felt I Had Anything To Say. Time For Me Has Been Quite Mixed Up. I Get Out Here Earlier Now That Kassandra Is The Front Person. It Is Usually Somewhere Between 9 And 10. I Get A Bit Of Time And Then Loose Time As Well. Before I Know It The Body Is Ready For Bed.
It Is Strange Perhaps That The Two Souls Out Most These Days Are Me And My Sister Kassandra, And Yet We Are Quite New To The System.  According To Those Inside In The Know, It Has Always Been That Way.  People Created Specially To Be Out And When They Can For Whatever Reason Do The Job No Longer New Ones Are Created To Take Over.   Now That The Multiplicity Isn’t Hidden It IS More Like Kassandra Does Things. Though Unlike The Other Fronts, She Doesn’t Mind Switching, Doesn’t Fight It, And Is Easy Going (Quite Opposite Me In Other Words)


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