Kassie’s second entry


 Kassie-Second Entry
I am well.  It was a hectic day yesterday.  Hollie had to come out and clean, as the maintenance men had to be called to come fix the toilet and the refrigerator and put a new light in the kitchen. They have come and gone now. Mallow wasn’t too happy that they were here. I was nervous I admitt.   It went okay and they weren’t here long. They were able to fix it all so that is good.
 Sierra was here early today.    The glasses broke last night while Alex was cleaning them, right in a place that is hard to fix.   Being as the body and we can’t see much at all without glasses, this is a big issue. Sierra was able to come out last night and use a twist tie and some hot glue gun to temporarily repair the glasses.  She called the place we got them at. Unfortunatly the warantee expired like 5 months ago.    So she had to call different places trying to find someone open in the next few days (with new years everyone is closed)  who can hopefully put the existing lenses in new frames. Otherwise the expense will be about 60$ higher as well as they will need the existing lenses perhaps which is a problem. As we seriously can’t see without glasses on. We wouldn’t be able to do anything but sit on the couch, the eyes are that bad.   I dunno what Sierra worked out. I assume she’ll tell Nathan when he gets home from work later and then he’ll tell me.   At least Sierra was able to rig them temporarily, i’m thankful about that for sure.    So that has been the excitement of the day.
 Kathryn just does it if she happens to come out and the body is too full for her liking. It was quite a surprise to everyone here it seems as well throwing up is a trigger here.
 I am learning everyday about the world, and am settling in well.   I didn’t get anything but a few movies for christmas as I really want a guitar and we were unable to find a good used one. So I decided to wait until we can find one.

 I have watched many movies since my first entry here.  I have also read good books. I am currently about to start Charles Dickens first novel, The Pickwick Papers.
 I enjoy life. I enjoy the time I get out here, and hope to get here more often. I am new to journaling and such, and haven’t written or read any of the messages at that journalwriting group as I feel like an intruder.
Have a delightful day!


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