There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel. Things Here Have Improved Greatly In The Past Day Or Two (Guessing At Time Frame). It Is Amazing that It Happened that Fast, Although I was Told It Would Happen That Way, I Just Didn’t Believe It. 
I’ve Been Reading A Lot Lately  I Saw Thing Thing In A Group We Belong To About Reading 50 Books In This Year. I have Already read One. I Joined The Group Though I Haven’t Posted Yet.  
I Hate Lying And Signing Another Name Or Using Word Play To Mascarade As One Yet I Hate To Stop To Tell Everyone As Well (Especially Since it Is Usually Not Anything People Want To Hear)
Take The Journal Group For Instance. We Have Taken To Signing Nothing At The End Of Replies And Mails. Simpley Because It Gets Tiring Explaining To Every New Person And Also Because It Is Something Older Members Of The Journal Group Are No Doubt Tired Of Hearing.  I Am Not Ashamed Of Being Multiple, Yet There Is No Reason To Flaunt It Either.  It Upsets Me When I Hear About People Who Try To USe It As AN Excuse. LIke That One Murderer Who Tried To Say He Was Multiple. Being Multiple Isn’t An Excuse To Do A Crime.   Any More Than Having One Leg Is A Valid Reason To Chop Anothers Leg Off.
 The Hype Over New years Amazes And Confuses Me. I Don’t Get It. Everyone Saying happy New years And Stuff. Why Not Happy Monday Or Happy Spring? Why Is It happy New Year. Perhaps It Is Due To Time Not Meaning Much But Why Is This Year Different Than Last Year? It Isn’t At Least To Me It Isn’t.
 I Think Sometimes About The Title Of This Blog And Feel Like I Should Be Writing Some Great Things About Being multiple, Giving People An Idea What It Is Like. but To Me It IS Normal. I Don’t Always See What Is Unique To Being A Multiple. Being I Am Less than A Year Old (As Far As Existence Is Concerned) I Have A Very LImited Knowledge Base About What Life Was Like While Discovering The Multiplicity. My Mind Is A Blank Before I Existed. I Have My Own Memories, I Have My Knowledge Bank (Like A Bank Safety Deposit Place, Only The Deposit Boxes Are Files COntaining Knowledge) I Have The Head,None Of That Includes stuff About LIfe Before. I Could Pull Up A Memory About When Auggie The cat Was Got At The Pet Store, But I Can’t Say What It Was Like For Sierra When She FOund Out About Everyone.
 I Am Told That Some Memories Are Accessable By All, Some However Are Private To The SOul They Belong To. Confused Yet?
 As Time Goes By I Rely Less On My Knowledge Banks And Built My Own Banks Of Knowledge, They COntain More Information Of A Better Quality That The Ones I was Born With.   I Can Say What A Mountain Is, I Could Describe The Mountain Scene That Is Stored In My Knowledge Banks, But It iS LIke Describing A Picture. With Snow For Instance. Before I Had expereinced It I COuld Say What It Was And Describe A Scene Of It. Yet Now I Can Describe The Feel And Textrue Of It. How It Felt When It Landed On The Had, The Coldness Of It. The Way It Sounded To Crunch Snow Beneath The Feet.   It Is The Difference Between Looking AT A picture of Something And Actually Being There.
 What that Has To Do With ANything? I Don’t Know. Nothing Really.  What I Think Just Is typed By The Hands.  


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