Moon-Disbelief At What You Can’t See


Moon-Disbelief At What You Can’t See-Alex

Some asked when the moon would be full and she said, “The moon is always full.” We all contradicted her but she said, “We see the moon in all its phases but it is always the same.” She told us there is a lunar moon and a solar moon according to time, andthat the moon is the only satellite that orbits our world.

 The ultimate lesson was things are happening even if we cannot see it.She said that we were disbelieving because wanted to see and touch verything — but it takes faith to know what is going on whether we can see it or not. ~Joyce Sequichie Hifler

 I Like This.   I Think It Is Sometime Hard For People To Believe In Multiplicity.  I Am Sure For Some They Wouldn’t Believe Without Spending Time With Us First Hand.  I Am Sure For Some Nothing Would Proof It To Them.  I Have To Wonder If I Wasn’t A Mutliple And Was Told Someone I Knew was, Would I Believe Them? 

It Brings To Mind That Although I Don’t Know What The Abusive Things That Happened Were. They Did Happen, We Are Multiple.   Denial Is A Strong Force That Even Occasionally Smacks Me Upside The Face. 

I Have To Disagree WIth The WOrd Faith. Perhaps It Is Because Organized Religon Bothers Me, I Don’t Know.  I Think It Takes AN Open Mind To Believe Something Is Possible WIthout Seeing It, A Willingness To Accept That Nobody Knows Everything, Faith Though That Word I Dislike.

 I am Drawn To The MOon, To The Stars. I Take The Dog Out AT Night And Stare At Them. I Love The look Of A Full Moon, And The Stars As Well.  I Wonder Often What The Earth Looks LIke From Here. 



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