Heidi’s Thoughts


from feb 13- heidi
I wanted to put this here.
 Shamanic Astrology  –   Feb 13, Monday. Moon is moving into Virgo late tonight or early tomorrow morning energizing the archetypal realm of Spider Woman –  weaver of this web of life. Spider is the master weaver of the web drawing to her web all she needs to fulfill her divine purpose. Spider knows each individual thread of the web is crucial to the entire web and to a balanced _expression of the Whole creation and she attends to each one reweaving where necessary and even creating whole new webs when the old ones no longer serve or are beyond repair.
 I’m not a spider person. I try not to kill them but like them I do not. Yet this speaks to me. It is a personal thing for the most part. What is it about the animals we don’t like, how does that relate to our totem animals? Is it our shadow animal or something like that? I will have to research that if nobody knows the answer. I am amazed by spider webs. They are so intricate. I seem to know a bit about spiders, don’t even ask how, I don’t know. To think that some spin new webs every day, how amazing is that. How amazing how they catch there prey and wrap it and keep it alive until they are ready to eat. I wonder how old spiders are? Are they from back in the dinosaur ages? And the silk spiders use. What strong material. Stronger than anything humans can make. What amazing gross creatures spiders are.

 I faintly recall this game scene of the original playstation where in this one room there was a giant spider, I was so discusted by it.

 I hate the idea that there are old webs out there when old webs are beyond repair. Is anything ever totally beyond repair? If so how does one decide what is beyond repair?
 ‘Each individual thread of the web is crucial.’ I wish all the individual threads realized that.  

 The biggest  clearest thought I have after reading that and rambling for a bit, is this and I don’t think it means anything at all to anyone but me and that is okay.  What Berriez will be left? What Berriez if any are beyond repair? And if each thread of the web is crucial how does the web function if a few individual threads are lost?  Questions to ponder further for me.

 Just my brief collection of rambling thoughts.


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