Sometimes all you can do
is what you can do.
Is it enough?
Sometimes it doesn’t matter.
Life goes on.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter.
When all you can do is get through the day
nothing else matters but getting to the evening.
Sometimes getting up is the accomplishment of the day.
Someone tells me often, when life knocks you down 7 times, you stand up 8.
Sometimes pain leaks out everywhere.
The poison you can’t keep in.
Who do you poison?
No person deserves the poison that flows from your very being.
So I spill it out privately
when no other is looking.
To protect them.
To shield them.
Sometimes it is instinct to hide away.
To isolate from the world.
To close down.
Someone important tells me it is when you want to shut down the most that you should risk opening up.
Sometimes that just isn’t possible.
Sometimes sobs wrack the body to its very center, whereever the hell that may be.
Sometimes we can even band together.
Not much of the time, but sometimes.
Sometimes you sit to write and all that comes out is this.
Sometimes there are no words.
No words.
Talking is dangerous.
They said that.
They said lots of things.
Sometimes I think about what they stole and I want to kill someone.

Sometimes I want to curl up forever and die.
Everytime a Berri picks me up and supports me until I can stand on my own.
~Anonymous Berri

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