Here I am! Take it or leave it

I’m here. I’m Meagan.  I have known about this place since I got back, I just now am getting around to posting.   I’ve been around for a really long time. I’m a strong individual. I’m opinionated. I’m gay.   And yes the body being married is a problem for me. 
I’ve known about being multiple for awhile now. Long before others knew.   Though I haven’t always known.
I’m not affected by bad times. Thus my presence now.  Many others aren’t coping at all,s o here I am.  
I love music. I couldn’t live without it.  Classic rock is what i prefer.   I also love to journal, and have been writing a bit at some journal group.
I am thrilled to not have to pretend to be (bodies name)  yet being known as myself is putting myself out there.
 I love to talk to people though find many to be closed minded and generally stupid.


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