From Meagan- family members who turn away.
Someone posted a comment about an entry with a quote.   I feel the need to reply here.
It  takes such a cold uncaring person to not help a family member who is being hurt. . It is one thing to turn away from a person who isn’t a family member being abused. But to turn away from an immeadiate family takes a sort of person I shutter to imagine, and yet know all too well.    I totally agree with you.  If you know about it and do nothing you are just as guilty. I do believe in the case of murder they call it and accesorry?  I think of abuse as murder anyways. It is murder of the spirit, of innocence. No matter what type of abuse it is. 
For me personally it is worse.  The person who abuses is evil and wrong. Yet they for there own wrong warped reasons believe they are doing the right thing. (how they come to that logic is way beyond me)
The people in the family who know though (aside from siblings who can’t help) they turn away. They know and choose to not see. For a person to do that, it is such a powerful message that is sent to the child. Mainly there is no help so don’t bother to look for it.   I think it also sends a message to the child of ‘you deserve it’.  Children simply don’t think with an adults logic, to them if nobody helps them they must have deserved it. In my opinion anyways.



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