There is a hive I can see from the porch. I’m not sure what it is about them that amazes me so. They are so tiny, and round. I am told they are carpentar bees. They are round like barrels and large. The buzzing noise they make i love. I have really been watching them closely. I have learned a lot.
Formost I have learned the curious behaviors people have around bees. From inside people are saying I am silly to like the bees. Out here I see people running through them, waving them away, even yelling at them.
I can understand that behavior from people who are allergic to them. I am told they sting, of course I have yet to be stung by one and perhaps if I ever am I will have a different view of them.
There is one bees who is stationed outside the nest entrane. I call him the sentinal. When another bee approaches he flies around him, i think he is checking if it is a bee from the nest or an invader. Then they do a dance. I have learned that this dance is giving the bee directions to where the scouter bee has found pollen. Then some more bees appear and they fly off to get the pollen. This dance amazes me. They fly round and round, rising and falling in the air. I wish I could decifer what the various parts mean. They often join together in the air. I’m not sure what they are doing then. Is the bee finding out the taste of the pollen the scouter bee brought?
I love the idea that there is one queen bee, and the rest is male. Then when another queen is born she and some of the workers fly off to find a new nest.
I’ve had honey. I’d like to know more about how it comes to be made by bees. Ihave some books coming to the library about bees. I’d like to try some honeycomb. I’d like to visit a bee keepers place.
I figure I must spend hours out there a day watching the bees. They’ve watched me i think. And they’ve started to approach me. They fly around me and land on me. I love the tickle of them walking across the skin. I am not at all afraid of them. I think they sense that I mean them no harm. I only wish to watch them, to understand them.
I recently discovered spring. Spring is new to me. This being my first one, I imagine I have a child’s amazement of everything. I have taken to sit outside to drink morning coffee. Everything about spring is glorious. The smells so different from fall and winter. The beauty of trees with sprouting leaves, sprouting flowers. The birds singing there glorious song. The smell of freshly cut grass.
I’ve noticed that people don’t seem amazed by things. Perhaps it is because it is not new to them. I find it sad though. They are so used to life they fail to notice it’s beauties. Perhaps some of them just don’t take the time to notice. They are desentized to nature I suppose. Nothing is new to them. I hate to think a time will come for me when nothing is new to me. I hope that never happens. I think it is sad that as people grow up and age past childhood they loose that child’s amazement they once had. What a sad way to go through adulthood. No wonder so many of them are so unhappy.
I’m sure some of you think i’m silly for my amazement. Perhaps you can’t imagine what it is like to be amazed by an ordinary every day thing.
I invite you all to go somewhere in nature and just be with nature. Notice it, experience it with all your senses. Experience and notice all it’s amazing beauty.
Nature is all around us, and so often people don’t notice don’t respect it. They cut down trees, destroy wildlands to put up another mcdonalds, instead of going round the corner to the one standing. Have people forgot that plants and trees give us the very oxygen we breath?
Can you imagine a land barren of nature completely? Even in the desert there are plants and when there is rain it is amazing the plants that suddenly come to life.
A world without nature would in my opinion be an awful place to live. A world I wouldn’t want to live in.
Have a delightful day!


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