Bits by Alex

One of My Roles In the System Means I AM Out Here At Night.
I Like Night. Day time IS Way TOOO Bright. Anyways I am used To having Nights Mostly To myself, Aside From A few Littles Watning A Story Read To Them.
Lately Though I Have Been Lucky To Get 45 Minutes. At First I Was Glad For The Rest, But Quickly I Grew Irritated. I Love To Read. I Wasn’t Getting ANy Time To Read, Let Alone Write, Or Email.
I’m Glad the System Is Having A Good Time Of Year And That They Want To Be Here.
Kassie And I Should Still Get Time Out To Do Our Thing.  Kassie Is Having The Same Problems In The day Time.
It Isn’t Fair That We Get Lots Of Time When Things are Awful. We Deserve Time Too.

Tonight I get The Whole Night To Myself. It’s Been Great.  I’m Just Popping In here Before I Go Back To Reading.
I Even Got TO Eat Dinner (Unusual For Me) Pancakes And I Had Some Ice Cream Too.

I’m Reading A LInda Fairstein Novel, Entombed. It’s the 2nd Of Her Alexandra Cooper Series I’ve Read. I really Like Them.  ALexandra Or Coop As They Call Her Is  An Assistant Prosector In NY. She Heads A Sex Crime Prosecuting Unit.  I Like That She Is A Woman. I Also LIke That She Handles Sex Crimes. The Books Are Murder Books.   I’d Recommend Them.
It’s Intersting To Me The Varied Interests of Different Berriez And How We All Can’t Do What Others Do.  That Isn’t A Surprise It’s Just Interesting.  Some People Who Claim DID doesn’t Exist I Wonder how They Explain that? Why Can’t I Draw If Claudia can draw horses?
For Instance We Have A Couple Of Painters (the rest Of Us Can’t Paint For Shit)
Someone Who Draws Horses Very Well ( The Rest Of Us Can’t Draw A Stick Figure)
We Have A Few Skilled Writers ( I’m Aspiring But Far From it)
Some Poets.
There Cross-stitchers, Quilters.
One Teen Loves Jigsaw Puzzles. she Puts Them Together At An Astounding rate.   Average of 4-5 hours for 1000 pieces.
There Is A Flutist
an organ player
a card player
a few cooks
even littles interests vary. Some like blocks, some games, some coloring, some finger painting.
some love nature.
some fear nature.

The Only Thing That Most ALl Berreiz Love Is Books.
That Said Our Tastes Are Quite Varied.
heidi Likes History And Books About Religons Of The World, And Mythology. M. Likes Sci-Fi And Gory. I like Horror And Occasionally mystery.  Jak Likes koontz, kellerman and King. Suzann Only Reads Poe. Meagan reads King, koontz, Cornwell, Hoag, And Grafton.   Kassie Doesn’t like to read much.  Hannah likes Romance (EEEWWW!) sharyn reads true crime.  Montana likes vampire books. the teens mostly read teen books (a few read adult books) the littles love to have stories read to them.
Those are just ones that pop into the head.
and no there is no point to my ramblings.
Back to reading I go.
But First Auggie The cat Was Just Laying on the rocking Chair on his back as he tends to do and looks so cute while doing. he stretched and fell off. they he looked around as if he wanted to see if anyone saw him.


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