Summary of past few days


We Went To The Library Sale. Meagan And I Split The Time. Between us We Got About 50 Books. Only Spent About 60$.  The Paperbacks Were 50 Cents, The Hardcover A Dollar. We Got Some Authors One Or The OTher Of Us  Read And Some New Ones Too.  It Was Wierd Meagan Was Out But Not Out.   I know That Doesn’t Make Sense But It’s The Best I Can Do. She Was Acting Through Me Or Something Like That.    I Picked Up A Book For Kassie, And She Got A Few For Montana.   Nathan Picked Up A Few For Harley, And A Few Nature/Animal Coffee Table Books The Littles And Teens Cut Up To Use For Collaging.
Harley A Teen Who Loves To Organized Spent The Day After The Sale Reorganizing The Book Shelf. It’s About 5 Feet By 6 Feet.  Better Her Than Me. I Hate To Organize Things. She’s Got It All Organized. I’m Surprised She Got Them All To Fit On The Shelf.  Being A Quote Lover We Did Get A Quote Book.   Speaking Of Which, There Is A Nice Quote On My New Library Bookmark.
“A Well Composed Book Is A Magic Carpet On Which We Are Wafted To A World That We Cannot Enter Any Other Way.”  –Caroline Gordon
The Garden Berriez Have Been Struggling. It’s Affecting Kassie A Bit, Mostly With Physical Pain And Fear. (As Front She Picks Up On Strong Shit From Inside).   She Tries To Act Like It Isn’t There, But Being HEr Sister And Since I Watch HEr A Lot And Talk To Her When She Is Out Here A Lot, I Recognize The Pain In Her Voice
Sleep Is Crap Again. Pisses Me Off. I Read Late,But Still Fuck By 5 Am I Want To Be ASLEEP!
Kassie And I Got Into A Fight Today.  I Pisses Her Off And She Ate The Salisbury Steak She had saved For Me.
Bill, My Basil Plant Got Replanted Today. I Hope He Likes His New Home.
Auggie Cat’s Been Extra Lovey Lately.  He’s Right Here By Me, Loving On Me, Purring It Up.
I’m Off To Read More. I have To Finish These 2 Library Books So I Can Start On The New Books!

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