I really LIke this so i’m sharing


I Really Like This So I’m Sharing

Soaring Eagle with vision true
see all that is below,
Notice what is new.

King of the air,
Sacred bird of the Spirits,

Wise and strong and seldom seen aloft,
Lend me your vision so I may see what is true.

Strength fills your mighty talons,
Courage fills your spirit
and beats in your heart.
Your mighty wings spread wide and shadow all that lies below.

Great Eagle,
Symbol of victory and might,
I call on your independence,
And the courage of your heart.

Moving with the speed of your sacred feathers,
Eagle lend me your eyes.
Make my vision keen and true;
Make my spirit to soar.

Open my mind
to your many visions.
Strengthen my grip to the tenacity
of your steely talons.

Spirit of wisdom,
fill me with guidance on my eagle flight.
Independence grows in me daily, tempered with respect.

Courage grows in me daily, tempered with judgment.
Keen sight fills my eyes, tempered with discernment.

Strength fills my body,
tempered with restraint.

I fly free with brother eagle.

So mote it be.
~Abby Willowroot
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