This Is a rant


The following is a rant. Take that as a warning.
I’ve always seen wolves, mountain lions and many other persecuted animals as beautiful wondrous creatures.
While other people see pests who eat their livestock, I see majestic animals that have much more claim to the land than we do.
Other people see a wolf pack and say but the wolves are being mean to each other. I see a society that functions well.
Maybe I am a bit biased because many animals the world sees as pests and predators to be destroyed we have inside.
The young child whom has a wolf protector inside, always comes front when she hears wolves howling. Recently she came out and as is my way, I watched what she was watching, not to spy but just to keep an eye on her,she’s a fragile child. The show was a national geographic show about wolves in yellowstone. They followed a pack of wolves as they were brought from canada to yellowstone and released into the wild. Then they continued to watch them from a distance to see how they adapted.
As part of the show they talked about the history of wolves in yellowstone, and how back around the 30’s yellowstone helped farmers around the area destroy all the wolves in and around the park. It was hideous. I had to change the channel until that part was over. There were literally dozens upon dozens of wolves dead hanging from racks. It makes me emotional to write that, and I am not known for emotions.
Now the wolves are thankfully back in yellowstone. It is a shame there is such concern that if they cross park bounds they will be killed by herders. That really angers me.They showed a demonstration by the park with people from the area, who were saying that their families had been herders and farmers for generations and the wolves would eventually ‘destroy their livelihood’. What about the wolves?What about the generations of their packs?
Why do so many in society believe that anything they feel threatens us as the ‘top’ of the food chain, threaten us into killing them?Like it or not we are not the top of the food chain. We have use of thought in different ways than animals that is true. It is that that makes us foolish.
I hope that the wolves win the fight to stay in yellowstone. Sadly the first alpha male of the pack they were following was found shot outside park boundaries.
It saddens me to think of wolves having to live in zoos. It is really sad that it is a safe place for them. Animals shouldn’t be in zoos.Yet for some, if there were no zoos there might not be any of them.
I see and read about countless wolf sanctuaries.I am so very glad those places exist. Yet it is sad they have to exist.Why can’t we just let nature and her animals be? I believe we are guests on this earth, and yet we treat it like we own it.
When we move into an animals land, particulary an animal like a mountain lion, what do we think will happen?There is only so much land and we push animals who need wide territories close together and we are surprised when it doesn’t end well? And for what, more Mcdonalds? More malls?Wendy’s? and all the other countless places you see every few blocks?Do we really need more of those places?
For me, for us here. Animals like wolves, bears, mountain lions, tigers, etc are protectors. They protected some fragile berriez when people were the enemy. When people hurt you these animals didn’t.
I’ll end with this:
This child and other children have asked countless times if we can just take the animals of the world who need homes inside with us.It is very hard to have to try to explain why that is not possible.If it was possible I would do it without a thought. In fact I wish it was possible. Our world inside is full of space and habitats of all kinds for animals


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