Are You Living With A Victim Mentality?


Are You Living WIth A Victim Mentality?
Are You Living With A Victim Mentality?
Here is a quiz to help you see if you’ve been carrying around a victim mentality that may be robbing you of your sense of personal power.  Answer true or false to the following statements.
My first response to a setback  is to blame another for what’s happened.
No matter what I do, things are not really going to change for me.
I often find myself beginning thoughts with phrases like “I cant….”I’m no good at …. I’ve never been able to…..
When angry, I rarely begin sentences with I
Conversations with others are often about how hard things are.
When I meet a person on the street that I haven’t seen in a while and they ask me how I am, I say, “I’m fine” and then start telling them all the things that are wrong in my life.
I’m always so busy with work and things I need to do that I don’t have time to do the things I want to do.
I must have done something really horrible in a past life because nothing ever works for me.
When friends offer advice, I usually counter it with a “Yes, but….”
No one really understands me or knows how challenging my life really is.
Victim hood is usually a way of staying stuck in old patterns and can be an externalizing way of dealing with unacknowledged anger or fear of change.  If you answered true to a handful of these questions you might want to work on neutralizing the victim energy that limits your life and your happiness.


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