TerraDeathThe words that you cannot read are –

‘Thinking about death is the only time I am at peace. Please let me go. I don’t belong here.”


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  1. As soon as I saw this I had to read the date to confirm when it was posted/experienced. I am not surprised. What I had written.. I got the distinct impression of someone wanting to hurt herself (himself?) even suicidal darkness. The "himself" was parenthetical because I didn't get the immediate impression that there was a masculine presence in this. Hence also the question mark.

  2. Sorry for the second comment but something in the image struck me. Each section is a block. If I were to read this as I would a tarot spread, what I see is death in the past, underneath are thoughts of self injury, but in the future position is the image of escape. While I realize that the more obvious interpretation is that this upper righthand corner image is the afterlife it can also mean freedom from the past, dying to the past and moving forward to a new way of being and knowing the self.

  3. Thanks for the comments Satia. Although this was posted/shared last night and does accurately describe how we are feeling (struggling with Suicide and Si), it was created awhile back. It is interesting that you can interpret this as freedom from the past. We want that for ourselves so very badly. It sometimes keeps us going.

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