Backstory- When we were very young we had a cat- emerson. He was very important to us. We also see spirits, and Emerson is still with us, not all the time but he comes to visit us, to scare Mallow and Auggie. It’s quite a comfort to know he is still looking out for us.

About a week ago- there was this strange cat outside in our yard- it is one we had never seen before- looked remarkably like Emerson (emmi) according to the littles- this cat was acting very strange, it came right up to us when we were outside, rubbing on our legs, acting like it new us. It tried to follow us inside, even though our cat and dog both were going crazy scratching at the patio door. We thought maybe it was hungry so we tried to feed it, but it wasn’t interested. That entire night the cat sat right up against the patio glass and the littles just sat there staring at it.

Few days later the littles told me (sierra) that the cat was emerson. That emerson had borrowed that cats body. They said that Emerson put his thoughts into their head (probably important to say that some littles can talk to animals). Further they went on that Emerson told them it would be okay, that it was time to share some memories and get them out. That it was time to move on and look to the future, for there were important things there waiting for them.

This really is so very strange to write about. Our experiences with spirits and talking to animals we tend to keep quiet as people just think we are extra bananas. But this really happened, N confirmed that the cat really was there, and that it acted quite strange.

Since then I dunno, the littles are different, trying to talk, to share, and quite frankly i’m bothered by it. Scared that sharing will mean we fall apart, scared that sharing will upset them.



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