Dream-Evil green cup

Evil green cup made an appearance in our dreams last night. In the dream we notice the cup and get upset but don’t know why, we push it down. (the cup is a cup our main abuser had with him all the time).

The dream itself was very strange, we are running home, it’s a long way, we run through people’s yards and one teen notices, takes us to his mother, his mother says how great I am running, and invites me in. She is being so nice I don’t feel I can say no. In the kitchen I notice she has a green tall cup. I am bothered but don’t know why, I push it down.

She starts talking about how we need to know things, she will help me learn. She goes off to get something. A girl (approx. age 10?) comes she has this rope, but it’s a metal rope with a plastic cover (like the dog tie outs) There is a gathering crowd outside in the front yard. I warn everyone and then swing the rope down, it was hooked into the ceiling. It hits the ground with a thud and again I am rattled. The woman of the house, announces I will be singing with the rope. I don’t understand how that came about. I begin to walk with the rope, to where I will sing, and the dream ended.


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