Abuse by Priests/clergy


We happened upon a tv show today on Sundance channel (they have such great documentaries) about SA in the catholic church, and how the church in rome still won’t really acknowledge it, sweeps it under the rug etc. This brings things to our mind.

It is all so very fuzzy but we know it happened, we know it happened in the church when we were supposed to be at religon class (CCD). Images of the bathroom, and the hall beneath the church…

Then there is one bit that….

It was after religon class the father was to pick us up but he forgot, a priest noticed us sitting there and asked us into the house they live in (on church property) we remember the entry, the stairs going up, and this bedroom with a big giant bed, the room had a lot of red in it, we recall also being on the bed and staring out the window.


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