Listening to my gut


I was taught early in life to not trust my gut, I was taught all sorts of things- most of them are too horrid to repeat.
I was told that I was a child, I was a girl, I didn’t know anything, I should always listen to the adult, the elder.
And that is a message that is hard to break.

Over the years though I have slowly and painfully learned to trust my gut instinct.
Time and time again, I have felt, or known something that I passed off for one reason or another.

Most of the time I am the one who ends up on the loosing end. So this time I am trying to listen to my gut.
Heed my instinct. It’s not easy though. It’s not easy to go against what others say, what others think,
yet I will try to stand by my feeling.

Someone in a board I belong to feels unsafe, it’s an instinctual thing and honestly
I feel that over the years we’ve honed our ability on who are unsafe people.

But what is the right action to take? I mean it’s limited. I wrote to the owner explaining my feelings, asking
that this person not be given instant access to very sensitive areas. Will that work, or help me feel safer? I don’t know.
I hope so. But what if it doesn’t? Will it come to leaving there to protect my safety? And how can this person really affect my safety since
we are so very private online with our personal info? Yet the feeling of being unsafe is such a horrid feeling.



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