Doing what we need for us


It’s hard to do what we need for ourselves. Hard to say we need time away. We have always just disappeared in the past, without letting people know. We never imagined anyone would even notice. Last time we did that someone did notice, so this time we are telling groups that we won’t be around much for a bit. It’s a scary thing to do.

There are 2 main reasons, we are feeling unsafe right now. Also though we know we tend to support others to the point of ignoring ourselves and we need to work on some difficult memories we have been putting off for a long time. To do so we need to not be on the computer all the time, we need to just sit with ourselves, and let ourselves think about things we really would rather not.

Mostly this won’t affect this blog or our other blogs, maybe we will blog a bit more in this one, only time will tell.

We do hope to work up the courage to share some more art we have done.

It’s hard to be selfish, to think of ourselves only and do what we need for us. It’s isolating as well.
People may not realize how much we depend on groups, how much a part of our lives they are, even when we don’t post a lot we read, so it is a big deal to not even read, to not be online much.


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