Computer Woes


We’ve all been there haven’t we? Whether it is a problem you know is coming or one that suddenly happens, computer problems are a pain.

I’ve known this was coming. Last night after the computer crashed one time too many, I decided i’d reinstall windows today. It’s xp and it is a known thing with XP that reinstalls every so often really help it run best. I spent hours backing up everything to disks, then came the big moment,


Nothing. Yep that is right windows disk won’t run. It starts to run but then stops, freezes. After trying numerous fixes for it— nothing. So……………..

I downloaded Ubuntu (Linux, It’s free ya know)…………..

and………………. (you know where this is going right?)

nothing. Well not quite. With Ubuntu you can run it from the install disk so that is what I am doing, but it won’t install on the computer……

Memtest86 showed many errs so I have bad RAM. I also think the hard drive is going.

So—- I ordered a new hard drive and new RAM. From (they are AWESOME) Should be here early next week.

Until then I have to use the Live CD version of Ubuntu, I shouldn’t complain as it is better than nothing, but there is barely any memory so I can’t run my journaling software or anything. Least I can get online and also Ubuntu came with some games on it, so good thing there.

I’m glad that I can get online as otherwise I would have had to go to Microcenter. (DON’T GO THERE IF YOU CAN HELP IT). I hate that store. 3 years ago when I built this computer from parts, we went there often for one thing or another. Without fail they only would talk to nathan (hubby), no matter if I asked the questions, or if Nathan said “talk to my wife I don’t know about this stuff”, they would only look at and talk to him.

Unfortunatly microcenter is the only computer store in the area so if I couldn’t get online I would have had no choice.

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