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I finished this book it was about child abuse, and ended up that the person was a multiple. I knew this early in the book, and knew it would likely trigger, I read it anyways.

I am bothered that in the book the author has it end up that the father, who abused the girl, was himself abused. I get that this does happen, but THAT IS NOT A FUCKING EXCUSE FOR SEXUAL ABUSE OR ANY OTHER KIND OF ABUSE. It doesn’t change anything, I lived it and would never do that to anyone, I’d kill myself first. I know how it hurts, i know how it destroys. For the author to use that as an excuse really angers me. That she mentions it angers me, as if it is like ‘oh so that is why he did it.’ That’s bullshit and a cop-out.

I didn’t think the ending was realistic either…. if only someone had swooped in and saved me– it makes me angry that nobody did save me, save us. I guess N did in a way, but we saved us, we continue to save us.

I am also angry and rageful at the mother in the book, who turns a blind eye when the girl mentions a very LARGE and suspicious thing to her. That really so much angers me that I can’t see straight, can’t think. I know the anger/rage is misplaced,that I am really angry at the mother here… But the realness in the book of how the mother just isn’t around, just doesn’t care really hit home.