I like snow. It’s white.
Blindingly white.
White is pure
clean and crisp.

I love the crunch of snow,
the way everything seems to
slow down
stop even.

Nothing but quiet
snow falling
covering and
in it’s cold
stark beauty.

It’s always different yet
exactly the same.
It’s wet and heavy,
Dry and fluffy
each flake different
yet looks exactly the same.

I love the pleasant memories
associated with snow.
No the Happy memories.

Sledding down the alley
with nana and pap.
On the wooden sled
with the medal runners.

Always left me feeling connected
to them in their younger years,
for it was a very old sled.

Drinking hot chocolate
with as many marshmallows
as I wanted.
Red noses and frozen toes,
hands that barely moved
they were so cold….

Not that that mattered
what mattered was feeling
content, happy, alive
and safe.

Making snowmen
Starting with a tiny snowball
rolling it ever larger
making tracks in the snow
until finally you have 3 balls.
Finding things inside to use
to decorate the snowman.

Yes I love the snow.

By Alex with input of some others.


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