I’m reading a book about Columbine. The subject of school shootings
and kids who kill has always fascinated me.

I remember when Columbine happened. It was the year we married. I
remember seeing the horror as it unfolded on tv, seeing a dead person
on the ground. Wondering how many died. I remember the horror as the
news told us what had happened.

The book has been very eye opening, very disturbing in a variety of ways.

What struck me most from the start is just how much the media got
wrong. How misleading much of their info was. It’s bothersome to
think about and makes mw question them even more than I already did.
Seems like they just wanted to report something, and while I get that,
isn’t their main job to report facts? Yet how often do they
speculate? A lot.

Remember hearing about the girl, Cassie who was shot after saying she
believed in God? It didn’t happen. Eye witnesses say she was shot so
fast she had no time to say anything. A girl did say she believed in
God in that library. She said that after she got shot, and either Eric
or Dylan heard her praying, she survived.

Remember the ‘trench coat mafia’? Had nothing to do with the incident.

How about hearing they were Goth- dressing in all black, face make-up,
etc.? Nope not even close. They may not have been the most popular
in school nor were they friendless.

The one that seems to be most widely disputed, argued about still is
jocks made fun of them, bullied them. Their are different stories
depending what you read. This book mentions how they made fun of
people quite a lot. It doesn’t mention Jocks much, except for the
principal saying he treated all the same and didn’t favor jocks. In
some places online, former students say how their was a separation
between jocks and the rest, but doesn’t specify if they were students
at the time of the shooting. I find it hard to believe jocks weren’t
given some sort of special treatment sometimes, as I think that
happens in most every school, but I’m not sure either if they were
bullied. Klebolds parents say they feel sure he was, though they
have not said he ever came to them about it.

I was amazed at how the police seemed to just drop the ball in the 18
months or so before the shooting. Dylan and Eric were arrested,
people made complaints about them threatening their son, their was
even a website with quite disturbing things on it. their was in fact
a search warrant made but never taken to a judge. How did they manage
to slip through, and how many others do?

had the bombs gone off like Eric planned the outcome would have been
so different. Had the SWAT team entered sooner or allowed the
students to try to evacuate the teacher he may have lived.

Had Eric not so encouraged Dylan would he have done it? Eric
obviously seems to have been a psychopath. He had many of the
hallmark characteristics of psychopaths-from his pathological” lying
to his belief he was better than everyone else to his inability to
feel emotion just able to intellectualize them (as per all the
journals and the basement tapes left behind suggest.)

I find it fascinating that after about 17 minutes (according to eye
witnesses and audio/video, they stopped killing. Many people
reported making eye contact with them, they walked by many classrooms,
yet they only shot in the empty ones. It is almost as though they
grew bored.

Although this book made no mention of it, according to some reports,
Eric may have killed Dylan before killing himself. This is based on
the angle of the entrance wound and the fact it was on Dylan’s non
dominant side.

Perhaps what I am left with most is the courage and determination of
the survivors, particularly those who had serious injuries. Patrick,
who had a brain injury. Anne Marie, who was paralyzed. They both
refused to let that event shape their lives. They moved on. What an
inspiration that is.


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