We have a therapy appointment on wednesday night at 6pm. We are nervous and scared. We are really struggling with post partum depression and stuff coming up.


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  1. As you know, very often the process of healing begins with greater pain. So much so that often, after we have begun, we wonder why we bothered because the truth is we hurt less way back there than we do now and we still have so very far to go. However, as you also know from past experience, where you are going will be far less painful than where you were. I struggled with postpartum depression. I was blessed in that it didn't require any medication–simply time and patience as my body, my hormones, and my emotions figured out where I was at the time. But it was overwhelming.I can only imagine what is being stirred up now that you have a child of your own. Hopefully you will like this therapist and be able to begin your journey. If not, you can always find another. The relationship between patient and counselor is so very essential.

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