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Moved-Coney Drama


Moving day- wow it was a busy day yesterday. It was hard as well, it may seem silly but this is the first place we have lived in Ohio without Mallow. That was the last place we had memories of him from so it was hard to leave. But at the same time it is good to move on as well. It was a very LONG day yesterday. Kim, her 5 kids, hubby, Nathan, us, and someone N knows from work, all helped and that made a HUGE difference.

Today we spent moving stuff all around- ya know organizing/unpacking. Not our favorite thing to do- well Meagan likes to do it I think. She does it that way she knows where everything is, otherwise we spend half our lives looking for things.

We slept great last night once we fell asleep the feet hurt terribly, but we can’t just not walk, ya know?? We slept through the night without waking, and so did Troy!!

He seems to love it here which is great. Today we bought some baby food. Sweet Potatoes! We plan to try them tomorrow! His first food other than formula. He’s growing so fast.

We had a drama with Coney yesterday/today. Sometime in the chaos of yesterday afternoon she got out. N found her a few houses down……… The lady had taken her to the vet where they checked her for a chip- which she has, that brought up her old owners (we were told she was a stray) The lady called him and he wanted his dog back. So…………. Legally she is ours. But morally it isn’t as clear. Turns out it was his kids dog, they wanted to come see her, to see if she was the one they lost, and to see if the kids wanted her back. N called the animal shelter we adopted her from, they said that this happens all the time…… that legally she was ours and there wasn’t anything they would do to help us, not only that but if we gave her back- without going through all the shelters paperwork, then went in to get another dog- they would charge us 500$ So after talking to the guy- he said we can just keep her, the kids are okay with that. We are relieved. Yes she needs training (and finally we have time ) but she’s part of the family. I mean it would have sucked to loose her but hell. We would hope someone would do the same for us if the situation was reversed ya know?

We couldn’t go to therapy this week cuz of moving and we missed it. In fact we feel a bit stressed that we missed it, how silly is that? We so never thought we would not only get a therapist but find it helpful.

We are having some weird fears coming up now that we have a garage and a basement, but we have been able to contain them (practicing some therapy stuff we learned). Not memories at this point, just weird feelings and fears.





We know we haven’t been around much lately- and we have a lot to talk about,but all we have time for right now is something quick- and this we wanted to share.

Part of our abuse was what our Therapist calls torture- we prefer the term weird stuff. Anyways one of these things was making Tippi stand on her tippy toes for what felt like hours at a time.

Recently as Tippi works on her issues, we have noticed foot pain. We can’t say if this is long term pain we have had awhile (feeling our feet is new to us) or newer pain. At any rate we talked to the doctor about it today and have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. We have very mixed feelings. On one hand there is relief- it isn’t all past pain, it is something actually going on, there is anger that the grandfather caused us this pain, that he made us stand on our tippi toes. There is sadness too.

I dunno. I mean we are supposed to ice the feet, stop walking bare footed, take tylenol or aleve, and wear shoes with proper arch support. We feel upset about some of that. We LOVE our slippers, they don’t have arch support though. So do we wear them still or try to find slippers with arch support or what? We hate shoes. Hate to wear them in the house and now we are supposed to? How fair is that? *sigh* so that is what is going on with us today.

Troy had a good dr. visit- he can start solid foods, is allowed to wear baby sunscreen, oh and he weighs 14lbs 6 oz, and is 25 inches long.