We know we haven’t been around much lately- and we have a lot to talk about,but all we have time for right now is something quick- and this we wanted to share.

Part of our abuse was what our Therapist calls torture- we prefer the term weird stuff. Anyways one of these things was making Tippi stand on her tippy toes for what felt like hours at a time.

Recently as Tippi works on her issues, we have noticed foot pain. We can’t say if this is long term pain we have had awhile (feeling our feet is new to us) or newer pain. At any rate we talked to the doctor about it today and have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. We have very mixed feelings. On one hand there is relief- it isn’t all past pain, it is something actually going on, there is anger that the grandfather caused us this pain, that he made us stand on our tippi toes. There is sadness too.

I dunno. I mean we are supposed to ice the feet, stop walking bare footed, take tylenol or aleve, and wear shoes with proper arch support. We feel upset about some of that. We LOVE our slippers, they don’t have arch support though. So do we wear them still or try to find slippers with arch support or what? We hate shoes. Hate to wear them in the house and now we are supposed to? How fair is that? *sigh* so that is what is going on with us today.

Troy had a good dr. visit- he can start solid foods, is allowed to wear baby sunscreen, oh and he weighs 14lbs 6 oz, and is 25 inches long.


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  1. In Japan, it was traditional to remove the house shoes and replace them with slippers when entering the home. Perhaps you can buy some shoes for outside and keep others for inside. Rob has to wear shoes and slippers all of the time now because of his diabetes. Like you, I prefer to keep my feet bare unless they are cold. It will be an adjustment but perhaps you will appreciate the change over time.

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