Monthly Archives: July 2010




Our AC went out on Saturday night. Thankfully it was Troy’s night at Kims, so he didn’t have to suffer. It was unbearably hot and humid all night and miserable!

We have a home warranty so N called them, since we have an infant we qualify as an emergency. They were to send someone out sunday, the guy they called however didn’t show up ’til sunday evening. Then he failed too call the home warranty people until Monday night to give them the report. He basically called us liars, saying there is no way the AC could have been working at all. Because of that the home warranty people denied our claim. N talked to the dispute deptarment who sent out another person for a second opinion, basically said the same thing. I’m telling you the fucking AC worked, why would we lie about that???!!!!!

As it stands now, N has to call the home warranty people, I can’t recall why. He talked to the mother tonight, can’t recall why he did that either. He is finding out how much an AC will cost too, not sure why as we don’t have that much money to buy a new one………

Meanwhile. It is so hot in here and there is NO air flow. Sunday it was so bad we stayed at Kims, and spent monday there too. Came home last night. It is to be cooler this week which is nice and we have some fans and found the screen for the front door so that helps and there is a bit of air flow. We do have a floor portable AC we have in the bedroom for night, and we are lucky to have that. Troy is miserable, he so hates to be hot, makes him so grumpy, which has us so stressed out!

So that is what has been going on here!

We feel so stupid as when we get upset we can’t remember anything and it makes us feel stupid. The wonderfulness of dissociation at work!! And we have stress/upset bumps all over that are itchy, that we get when we feel really upset/stressed.

So we plan to just try to calm down some tonight.