The Passing of a friend


We have belonged to a journal group for many years now- we joined the same year we met the Collective.

There we met someone named Gloria. She was a special person, full of life of energy. She was a recovering addict. Over 20 years sobriety. She was and is an inspiration to us. She helped us at a time when things were bad for us, helped us to stay sober. She knew of us as they all on that group did and she accepted it. She talked to many of us and we exchanged a journal with her through the mail.

Earlier this summer she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Her daughters were nice enough to keep everyone who knew her online updated with her condition. In August she passed.

Today would have been her birthday and we miss her. And we just wanted to share that with our friends.


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  1. I keep trying to leave a comment but keep getting errors. I hadn't heard from Gloria for over a year when my email was hacked so it's been over two years since I've heard anything from her or about her. I guess that's why her family didn't know to email me. I live close enough I could have at least visited with her, given her Reiki, or something. (Hopefully this time my comment won't get an error message.)

  2. Im not sure that her family emailed many. I knew from the journal group and facebook. Gloria did fall off the earth for awhile. We heard from her shortly before she got sick. She was spending time with her grandchildren.

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