why is it so hard for us to decide what to do blog wise? We seem stuck between here and blogger. We like blogger better but have many friends here.

What we would really like ideally is an online blog/journal that has blackberry app. It would be so much easier than having to get online everytime. That takes time we just don’t have!

Seems penzu may be closest to that which is why we joined but now who knows.

Anyone out there that have a blackberry aware of anything else?


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  1. I would be surprised if blogger doesn't have an app for blackberry given that google owns blogger and tends to be app friendly. Perhaps a little online search. I'm the opposite. I find the extra features being shoved on my cell phone a distraction. I would be content with a phone that let me make calls, send texts, and take the occasional photo. I don't want it to play videos, be an MP3 player, have multiple games, a touch screen, etc. Unfortunately, cellphones are getting more and more hi-tech and every time I renew my contract I get stuck with a fancier phone I don't like. When I am working again, I'd be surprised if I didn't just get a land line again and ditch the cell altogether.

  2. We can text updates or email blog updates but they have no actual blogger app. Strange but there you go. We were the same didn't think we would use our phone- in fact only reason we got it is because our dog ate our old phone and they had a deal running that made it cheaper than any other phone. We use the text to text with a few people. We do use the email function too as it is great to have it to check email throughout the day. I can't get on the computer with Troy awake but I can get on my phone for a moment or two. It was also nice to have the internet when ours was out. I do like the maps too- convenient when we are out. We don't use the mp3 player function though we have one!

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