Patches Mid Week Reflection


Troy has had a HUGE week! He is cutting his first tooth, is sitting
on his own for a few minutes at a time, and is crawling! Wow lots of
big milestones. I am having some issues with adapting to his rapid
changes but I’ll get there.

Tomorrow is my sis-in-laws birthday. We are making her dinner and a
cake. The littles are very excited about it. We have become close to
her this year, and she accepts us all which is great.

Liz has been front a lot. All the talk in therapy about the mother
triggered her front. she says she has no desire to talk about the
mother with Carolyn. We accept that though want more for Liz- we want
healing and an ability to move forward for her. Maybe she just isn’t
ready yet.

We are stuck on 11 pounds weight loss. We are walking 5 days a week,
but need to add in strength training.

Slowly but surely we are figuring out a schedule that works for us and
fits in different things we like to do. Its perhaps strange to
schedule our freetime. If we don’t however we stare at tv and do
nothing then feel bad after.

Emotion wise it has been a panic filled week. We know it is laregly
Liz but that is all we know. At least troy keeps us so busy we don’t
think about it much. Still there but not focusing on it makes it a bit
more manageable.


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