dinner and feet


Dinner and feet how do those subjects fit together? They don’t.

Today was our sis-in-laws birthday. We cooked her dinner. The littles
have been so excited and it went well. Everything turned out and they
enjoyed it. We gave her the leftovers as it was her birthday- that
has some upset as they don’t get any. We didn’t need any extra
birthday cake anyways. The fajitas are easy so no problem to make
them often.

Kassie enjoys cooking and it is relaxing for her, relaxing always a
good thing. With troy teething- we need to as much as we can!

Our in-laws are having dinner for Kim on sunday. Kim has said we don’t
have to go. We were there for our father in laws birthday last week
and it is a really tiny kitchen we had to go outside as we were having
a panic attack and we had to take some ambien. Kim was nice and
covered for us said she asked us to go out and watch her son. We
don’t think we will go sunday- but think we will send nathan and troy-
frankly we need some alone time to just unwind. What a perfect way to
get it.

Fee are so hard for us. We have terrible feet memories. We were forced
to stand on our tippy toes for hours as punishment. Our therapist
called it torture-not sure about that but anyways………. We have a
foot issue in the now as well. Our gp told us to see a foot doctor if
it didn’t get better and the pain continued or got worse and it has.
We are thus far keeping the pain from Nathan and our sis-in-law. We
don’t feel we deserve to see a doctor about it- or that we really need
to. Feels like we must be making it up.

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